FIRE planner

Built a new dashboard to help you plan financially for your potential FIRE (financial independence retire early). Link to dashboard : It takes a few inputs to help you visualize your (+ your partner’s) personal cash flows throughout your lifetime. Besides simple income and expense adjustments, it also simulates housing/mortgage and child-related expenses. Unfortunately,… Continue reading FIRE planner

Infrastructure and framework behind my personal websites

I decided to set up my own website at the end of 2020. 3 years later, I run 2 websites backed by multiple supporting services (see image below), all set up and operated by myself. My goals are (1) to set up a robust infrastructure that can ensure my websites/services are always up, and (2)… Continue reading Infrastructure and framework behind my personal websites


A small titbit to share today, the Makefile. A Makefile can be used to define sets of commonly used commands to save time and to ensure the commands run in the correct order with needed pre-requisites. For example, you can define a list of build-related commands under a target called “build”. Then next time you… Continue reading Makefile