Things they didn’t teach you in software engineering

Whenever you feel disillusioned about the mismatch in promises between what you were taught in university/bootcamp versus what you actually worked on in a job. I recommend reading this article, It is written for software engineering, but many points mentioned apply to data science/analytics as well.

Data science solutions – Build vs buy

Many data scientists are working in companies with less advanced technology infrastructure. But these companies still wish to solve their business problems with the help of data science / analytics. At this point usually a question arises, “Should we build or buy a solution to solve this problem with data science?”. As nicely pointed out… Continue reading Data science solutions – Build vs buy

Being a data scientist in consulting

A very accurate and vivid description of being a data scientist in a consulting context. I can definitely say that I have experienced this myself, and it does take a while to get used to presenting comfortably (therefore confidently). But like it or not, the holy grail in data science has always been about connecting… Continue reading Being a data scientist in consulting

Delegating to chatGPT & Stable Difussion

This week, I am jumping on the bandwagon by delegating the task of creating my LinkedIn post to chatGPT (for text) and Stable Diffusion (for image) with the following prompts. ⌨ chatGPT : Can you write an opinion article, discussing your opinion on this topic, “In the future, do you see a shift in companies… Continue reading Delegating to chatGPT & Stable Difussion