Being a data scientist in consulting

A very accurate and vivid description of being a data scientist in a consulting context.

I can definitely say that I have experienced this myself, and it does take a while to get used to presenting comfortably (therefore confidently).

But like it or not, the holy grail in data science has always been about connecting and bridging the gap between business and technical.

An excerpt from the article ( below:


Me? Present? To executives? The people that wear ties and Bluetooth earpieces and say things like, “Sharon, hold my 2 o’clock, I have a meeting at 1:30 and I’m coming in hot,” unironically? He might as well have asked me to present to the UN Security Council.

“I’ll help you tweak it a bit,” my manager said, encouragingly. “Ok,” I said. “First, take out all the slides where you talk about how you did the analysis. Put those in the back. Move the charts forward. Delete these numbers. Make the headlines bigger.”

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