Excel + Office Scripts

If you have worked with Excel automation in the past, you may have painful memories working with complex Excel functions or VBA codes.

Recently I realized newer versions of Excel support Office Scripts, which changes my impression of Excel automation completely.

Some highlights of Excel + Office Scripts:

✔️ Can be run on the cloud, with easy integration into web-based Power Automate

✔️ Office Scripts, as a variant of TypeScript/JavaScript, belongs to a mainstream programming language with wider adoptions and better documentations

✔️ Excel comes with an embedded code editor (a lightweight variant of VS Code that supports syntax highlight, linting etc.) that lets you edit codes directly in it

✔️ Can connect to the scripts inside Excel files using VS Code

Some improvement areas of Excel + Office Scripts:

❌ No support of external JavaScript libraries at the moment (even common routines need to be coded from scratch)

❌ Not easy to version control Office Scripts codes, as it sits inside an Excel file

❌ Require commercial or educational licenses to use (not available for personal license)

Definitely good to know that this option exists in those situations where you need to work with Excel-only automations.

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