Trying to use cookiecutter-pypackage and ended up contributing to it

cookiecutter-pypackage provides an amazing framework to develop a Python package with. The original version ( has been further extended by many contributors to include useful tools such as poetry and pre-commit.

I decided to start using one of the newer versions of cookiecutter-pypackage ( (v1.1.1) before running into an error in one of the GitHub Actions workflows. mindsers/changelog-reader-action@v2 failed to recognise the correct version number due to incorrect CHANGELOG format.

While fixing the bug and working through the structure of cookiecutter-pypackage, I decided to overhaul the entire project which leads to the forking and the creation of my own version of cookiecutter-pypackage ( (v1.1.2).

This version of cookiecutter-pypackage has the following key updates :

  • Added mike to provide versioning support for documentation created using mkdocs
  • Added tox-conda to provide conda support when using tox
  • Improved testing by checking full cookiecutter project creation

Once all these updates were implemented, then only I remember my original intention to use cookiecutter-pypackage was to create a low-code Natural Language Processing (NLP) library to perform exploratory data analytics. But at least now I got it working and tailored to my needs, so I finally get to create JustNLP ( using cookiecutter-pypackage!

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