Short review of Designing Machine Learning System

I have finally finished “Designing Machine Learning Systems” after a few weekends of focus reading. It is one of the rare technical books that I finished in its entirety, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Just to offer a quick book review below.

The book is amazing in the following aspects:

✅Provides a high-level overview of practical aspects in ML system design

✅Shares best practices on bringing ML models to production at scale

✅Offers insights on the latest industry-adopted trends and tools

However the book is not meant for nor offers the following:

ℹ️A step-by-step guide to setup an ML system

ℹ️Theoretical explanations on ML concepts

ℹ️Use case/project recipes to use as starting templates

That being said, I have gained a lot of practical tips from the book, and looking forward to putting some of the knowledge I learned into practice.

Thanks Chip Huyen for the great book and looking forward to the next edition!

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